The Prehistoric Museum creates understanding and appreciation of natural and cultural processes that formed the geologic, fossil and prehistoric human records found in eastern Utah. We do this through educational and interpretive programs based upon our academic research, preservation programs, authentic exhibits, and the creative efforts of our staff and community.


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Baby Dinosaur

The World of Jurassic Dinosaurs

The Prehistoric Museum completed its upgrade of the “Dinosaur Pit”, the central arena of dinosaur skeletons from the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. Among the additions are two 3-D printed juvenile Allosaurus skeletons. The use of 3-D printing is slowly coming into use in museums and the Prehistoric Museum is in the forefront of incorporating the technology in exhibits. Juvenile skeletons are rare as fossils, but enough is known for us to attempt the reconstructions based on 7 inch and 12 inch thighbones from Cleveland-Lloyd. A whole growth series of Allosaurus thigh bones in an exhibit shows incremental growth to adult size.


Art Elevated

Art Elevated: Community Art Exhibition

This year’s exhibition represents a wide array of mediums. There are several large paintings and photographs as well as ceramic and wood sculptures.

Cliff Dwelling

Cliff Dwelling Exhibit

The exhibit centers around a full-sized, walk-through cliff dwelling apartment.