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Founded in 1937, USU Eastern began as Carbon College. Since opening it's doors to students of higher education the college has survived and thrived through various changes including a change of name to College of Eastern Utah in 1964, the addition of the San Juan Center (later to become the Blanding Campus) in 1977 and a merger with Utah State University in 2011.


Old Gym1937 On February 20, 1937 Carbon College was established with the signing of Senate Bill 6 by Governor Henry Blood. The local newspaper described the event as "one of the most important educational advancements in the history of Eastern Utah."

1938 During the first week of October about 100 students enrolled in the first classes offered at Carbon College. The first president of the college was Eldon B. Sessions.

1943 WWII affects enrollments. There were only 27 full-time students due to young men volunteering or being drafted into the the various military services.

1953 The college faced its greatest challenge. At a special session of the legislature, Governor J. Bracken Lee proposed that Carbon College be closed and its lands and buildings sold. With great community support the college was saved In November of 1954 - 78% of voters rejected the legislature's decision to close the school.

1959 Carbon College was placed under the administration of the Board of Regents of the University of Utah and separated from Carbon High School.

1962 The Geary Theater is completed. Due to an aggressive building campaign the Music Building, Science Center, Library, Administrative Wing, and Physical Plant were built within the next four years.

College of Eastern Utah1964 The college's name was officially changed to College of Eastern Utah. This name better reflected the regional mission proposed by then College President Claude J. Burtenshaw.

1969 The passage of the Higher Education Act of 1969 created the State Board of Regents and organized the 9 public colleges and universities into the Utah System of Higher Education. This ended the branch relationship of CEU to the University of Utah and created the independent College of Eastern Utah.

1970 Vocational-technical programs were significantly strengthened during the tenure of President Dean M. McDonald. A new Career Center was built to replace the original vocational building and it continues to house most of the vocational programs. In the 1970s CEU also established a one-year Licensed Practical Nursing program and is now offering a two-year Registered Nursing degree.

1977 After struggling for several years and trying to coordinate with Utah State University and Brigham Young University what started out as a grant-funded training program became the College of Eastern Utah - San Juan Center. It began with about 40 students, 2 staff members and borrowed facilities.

San Juan Center1980 The CEU-San Juan Campus has its first graduating class. There were 12 graduates, all female.

1986 CEU-San Juan's first official building on campus is open for classes. Constructed with over 27,000 adobe bricks made from native soil, the completion of the Science Building was joint effort of students, staff, faculty, and community members.

1995 The CEU-San Juan Instructional Technology Building is dedicated.

1998 The Price campus Jennifer Leavitt Student Center (JLSC) is constructed. This building provides a main gathering for the college students and houses student services such as advising, registration, student government and dining services.

2003 The G.J. Reeves building is completed. This building is located on the Price campus and was created to house the Science and Technology programs offered at the college. Shortly thereafter the old Science building is torn down.

2010 College of Eastern Utah merged with Utah State University creating Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah (USU Eastern).

2013 USU Eastern dropped five syllables overnight during the final session of the 2013 legislature when state lawmakers approved to change the college's name from Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah to simply Utah State University Eastern.

2013 USU Eastern celebrates its 75th Anniversary.

2015 The Central Instruction Building on the Price campus is completed. This new building houses fine arts programs such as Music and Art as well as Communications and Criminal Justice. The old Brown Music Center and Student Activity Center are torn down shortly after.


Sandstone, fifteen hundred pounds of it, was laboriously lugged onto Carbon's campus by a group of six men and a boy - all freshmen. Painted green and decorated with a white "41", the rock ceased to be a rock, and became a tradition named "Gibby", for its larger but no less solid namesake Gibraltar.

Since that day in 1940 Gibby has remained a part of the Price campus commemorating college and personal events, displaying signs of the times and has been the witness to many kisses during "True Eagle".


MemoriesUSU Eastern has been a fixture in the communities it serves for decades and has effected the lives of many.

"When I was five years old, my family moved to a house on College Ave., so the college has been my playground, my education, and my employment - a huge part of my life that I am so grateful for."
~ Kathy Neumeier Class of 2001
"I was actually married in the old Alumni Room at the College of Eastern Utah. This place holds special memories for me!"
~ Tracey Johnson, Class of 1992

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