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USU Eastern Administration

Utah State University Eastern is fully integrated within the University's Regional Campus system. As such the administration of USU Eastern falls under the Utah State University President's Office with a local chancellor and vice chancellors to manage Price and Blanding campus functions.

Welcome to Utah State University Eastern’s Price and Blanding Campuses. We are so glad that you have joined us.

Our mission is to "prepare the people who will create and sustain our region."  So we welcome you as our partner in this goal. Together, we will develop your skills, your knowledge, and provide you what you need to achieve your dreams and make our world a better place.

Whether you think of our region as Southeast Utah, the entire state of Utah, or the the Intermountain West, we hope you’ll see your experience at USU Eastern as a personal journey of preparation to create the future — your own future, and the future of our region.

You have a lot to give. Let's work together and prepare you to make those important contributions.

Joe Peterson