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USU Eastern is a strong and affordable option for someone interested in Literature or Creative Writing, and our courses are fully articulated with Utah's four-year colleges and universities. Students interested in pursuing a degree in English can begin their studies at USU Eastern. The English Department offers the student the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree and fulfill prerequisite and elective courses.

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Why Major in English?

Students studying English acquire the skills needed to thrive in a technologically and culturally complex world. Students learn how to present their ideas persuasively and communicate effectively with others, conduct cultural and historical analysis, create literary works, and formulate well-reasoned conclusions. By studying language, students develop competency in the areas most valued by employers, including critical thinking, teamwork, and oral and written communication. Graduates frequently go on to successful careers in writing, editing, law, teaching, journalism, and advertising, among others.

2017 Outstanding English Students2017 Outstanding English Students
Chantz Richens of Price and
Stacy Graven of Brigham City

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