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Other Scholarship Opportunities

These scholarships are listed for information purposes only. We maintain this list as a courtesy. These scholarships are not offered by nor endorsed by USU or USU Eastern If you experience a problem or issue with any of these websites, please advise us and we'll remove it from our list.

Be an internet skeptic! 
Never pay to apply for a scholarship. Never give your social security number or other private information that could jeopardize your security.

Scholarship Name Application Type For Amount Deadline(s) Annual Art and Design Scholarship painting, photograph, statue, song, animation,
video, film, illustration, story, poem, writing sample or any other type of art
art or liberal arts students $1000 05/31/18
10 Bests Reviews Scholarship Program essay/article with infographics   $500 04/30/18
10 Radar Internet Marketing Scholarship essay   $1000 06/30/18
$2000 Get a Boost Scholarship essay   $2000 12/31/17
Aaron Minc Scholarship essay   $1500 07/31/18
Alert1 Student for Seniors Scholarship essay questions students who want to help senior $250 01/15/18
Alpine Recovery Lodge Bi-Annual Scholarship essay students who have been directly affected by addiction $1000 07/01/18
American Indian College Fund application       students registered as an enrolled member of a federal or state recognized tribe various various deadlines
American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC) application for federally recognized American Indian tribe or Alaska Native group various  07/15/18
American Indian Services application students who are 1/4 enrolled member of a federally recognized Native American tribe various 02/01/18
Automotive Ward Scholarship


  $1000 02/28/18
Bautista LeRoy Entrepreneur Scholarship essay students who want to gain networking and entrepreneur experience up to $2500  03/01/18
BeaconSmiles Dental Scholarship essay   $1100 09/30/17
Bella Bathrooms: Scholarships for Outstanding Business Innovation video student who can showcase outstanding business innovation $1000 09/08/18 
The Best Colleges - College Affordability for Minority Students various minority students - various opportunities various  various
Buy the Top 10 Scholarship Program essay   $2000  01/28/18 Scholarship essay   $1000 07/31/18 
CNA Plus Annual Senior Care Scholarship video CNA student $500 02/01/18
DevTeam.Space STEM Scholarships essay/infographic   $1000 11/20/17
DirectFHA Loans Made Easy Scholarship essay, infographic or article   $1000 03/31/18
Drones Inspector Annual Scholarship Program essay students interested in drones $1000 12/01/17
Easy Street SEO essay   $500 12/31/18
Elreviews Scholarship Program article   $1000 12/20/17
FEATHR Wallpaper Scholarship essay arts, performing arts, humanities, or design students $1000 12/01/17
GoStartABlog's Young Writers Scholarship essay   $1000 03/01/18
The Guitar Pal Art Scholarship Program essay students pursuing a music degree $1000 12/01/17
Headphones Encyclopedia Annual Scholarship Program essay   $1500 05/15/18
Healthy Hubb Annual Essay Scholarship Competition essay   $1000 12/10/17
IOBD2 Essay Contest Scholarship essay/infographic/article   $3000 07/31/18
IP Address Definition Annual Scholarship research essay   $1000  11/15/17
JustRentToOwn Scholarship essay   $1000 04/10/18 
Key Solutions Online Scholarships video students working toward a degree in marketing $500 02/28/18
Las Vegas Real Estate US Veteran Scholarship video US veterans of any branch $1500 05/31/18
Lead Roster B2B Sales & Marketing Scholarship video students interested in sales and marketing $1000 12/20/17
Luigi Wewege Foundation essay academic scholarship $1500 12/01/17 
The May Firm Bi-Annual Scholarship Fund essay   $1000 01/15/18
Microscope Spot Annual Scholarship Program essay   $1500 12/15/17
MyBioSource Scholarship essay STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) majors $1000 06/30/18
Myflyfit Essay Writing Scholarship essay/article   $2500 08/31/18
Nation 21 Scholarship essay, info-graphic or video   $500 10/31/17
Office of Navajo National Scholarship application for eligible Navajo people various  06/26/18
Pinoy Tambayon Scholarship essay student interested in business or media $1500 03/31/18
The SEO & Content Marketing Scholarships essay students interested in SEO and content marketing $1000 12/15/17
Puregreenliving Scholarship Program essay   $1000 10/10/17
River Cohen College Scholarships essay   $1000 11/30/17
Robert Hamparyan Injury Scholarship essay   $1000 12/01/17
The Reeves Law Group Scholarship essay undergrad students in their senior year and current law school students $3000 12/15/17
Ryna Injury Lawyers Scholarship essay   $1000 01/15/18
Sheryl Brown Internet Marketing Scholarship essay students interested in internet marketing $1000 02/28/18
Shoes Tracker Scholarship Program essay   $2000 09/09/18
ShootQ Scholarship essay students pursuing photography and creative arts $2500 07/04/18
Skincare Ox Beauty & Wellness Scholarship essay female students $500  09/30/17
Something Greek GreekLife Scholarship essay students actively involved with philanthropy/volunteer activities $1500 12/15/17
TSG Essays Scholarship essay/infographic/article   $3500 07/25/18
USA Scholarships - College Sports Scholarships various for students pursuing an education or career in sports (various scholarship opportunities) various various
Varsity Tutors Scholarship Contest essay   $200  09/15/17
Vital Stealth Digital Business Scholarship essay students who wish to pursue a business degree to become a business owner $500 04/30/18
WSS Digital Marketing Scholarship Program video   $500 12/15/17 
The Zebra Utah Tour Guide Scholarship video   $1000 12/31/17